Talent is the biggest asset of a business

            Talent Concept
            Core Values
            mutual benefit

            Philosophy Overview

            Having both ability and political integrity, appointing people on their merits;
            Walking with people of the same heart, giving priority to strivers.

            Zhongnan Group believes that

            Talent is the biggest asset of a business. The source of talent should not be limited to one corner. We must have the world in view and welcome all talents from all over the world. We must make Zhongnan a gathering place for outstanding talents.

            Zhongnan Group will

            Adopt the strategy of high salary, high standards, high cares, high performance and high elimination rate to build a young, elitist and professional team of talents.

            We will put people with both ability and political integrity in important positions, train and use those with political integrity but less ability, restrain the use of those with ability but less political integrity, and definitely not use those with neither ability nor political integrity.
            All incentives must favor the strivers, and we must create and share benefits together with employees, and must not let the strivers suffer losses or hardships.
            We advocate to use the capable ones, replace the average ones and relieve the incapable ones;
            We oppose ostensible obedience, double dealing, flattery and opportunism.

            Talent Criteria

            We need those with wisdom

            Knowledge is not equal to wisdom
            Where does wisdom come from?
            From experiences and continuous thinking

            We need those with courage and insight

            What kind of person is considered to have courage and insight?
            He must have the nature of wolves, be domineering, and dare to think, break through and act
            He must be bold and meticulous, firm and indomitable, and never give up
            He must think out of box, and can do a lot of things that others cannot.

            We need those with senses

            He must be affectionate as a man, ruthless in doing things, and flexible in dealing with affairs
            He must think and response calmly at all times
            He must know when to yield, temper force with mercy, act according to circumstances, and watch for opportunities
            He can handle everything from reality
            He must seek truth from facts, and be both objective and fair

            We need those with a sense of responsibility

            He must love his country, company and job, and care for and help others
            He must be willing to give and ready to sacrifice
            He must be brave enough to take responsibilities, and seek change as soon as possible in the face of challenge
            He must dare to stand up, be confident, and press forward with indomitable will